Dinner with Nigel by David Simmonds


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Dinner with Nigel by David Simmonds

Arthur and Martha were once a bon-vivant couple. Now, middle aged, those good times are memories. Quick to find fault with each other, they often argue the details of what they once celebrated. Arthur recently lost his steady job and Martha constantly cajoles him to get off his butt and working again. Stranded in this tense relationship, while trying to rekindle happier days, Martha decides something must be done to save their marriage. Purely by chance after reading of an article in one of Arthur’s magazines, Martha takes a gamble on an investment in their future. Welcome to Nigel*. The answer to their prayers? A robot servant. Engineered to make life so much easier than one could ever imagine - at a price. Will this new member of the family bring harmony to their tense household? Oh, and it should be mentioned, Nigel is a ‘refurbished’ model. But then, nobody’s perfect.

Playwright note: For Nigel/Nigella, consider female or non-gender specific actor of any ethnicity with some movement skills. Although open to casting Nigel with gender fluid actor, in this version Nigel is identified as 'he'.

Keywords: Facing an uncertain future. Marriage breakdown. Seeking solutions. Investment in refurbished robot.
Genre: Comedy
Run time: 90 minutes
Acts: 2
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 1