Devices by Meredith Taylor-Parry


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Devices by Meredith Taylor-Parry

It is the near future and our addiction to technology continues to progress. Anna lives a very successful existence. She has a perfect job, a perfect apartment and a perfect partner in Malcolm. He is perfect, because he isn’t human. Robotic companionship is a logical alternative to the messy and painful romantic encounters we used to seek from other humans. In a time where money can buy you the relationship of your dreams, why not? 

But then Anna meets Joseph, a rebellious young man who chooses to ignore social convention, and her world begins to feel empty as she looks at it through his eyes. Her life unravels as she questions decisions she used to take for granted and Malcolm’s watchful eye reveals a directive far more disturbing than Anna could have dreamed. Devices follows the difficult path of a love story in a society where our devices have become more important to us than each other.

Keywords: futuristic, AI, science fiction

Running Time: 48 minutes

Male Cast: 3

Female Cast: 1

Double Cast: 1

Suitable for School Productions: Students 16+