Destiny USA by Laura Anne Harris


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Destiny USA by Laura Anne Harris

When Laura moved from Toronto to Syracuse, New York, she wasn’t expecting to be residing in Trump’s America.

Gaining her first job as a relay operator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing causes her to question whether she can discover the hidden humanity of the American people. Destiny, USA weaves together three stories: Laura’s move to the US, her enlightening new job, romantically meeting her husband, and dealing with her mother’s illness in Canada while living in America. All are told through storytelling and poetry.

While this is mainly autobiographical, some details have been changed to protect the anonymity of the Deaf callers.

The original production features performances from three Canadian Deaf actors: Tamyka Bullen, Natasha Bacchus, and Sage Lovell through ASL video projection.

Produced by Belfry Theatre, Victoria BC, March 2020

Keywords: Solo show, grief, transitions, USA-Canadian relations, empathy, love.
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Run time: 65 minutes
Acts: 1

Female roles: 4
4.5 Stars – "If handled perceptively and with a fresh eye, any subject can be fascinating. Victoria native Laura Anne Harris proves this with Destiny, USA….her one-woman show is funny, poignant, cleverly crafted and well-acted."