Desert Lily by Cass Iacovelli


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Desert Lily by Cass Iacovelli

Desert Lily is about four women and their interactions within and around a sexual assault support group. Through the play, we see them hold each other and build unbreakable bonds through and despite of their trauma. They heal together through caring for one another.

Keywords: sexual assault, women, healing, trauma, suicide

Genre: Drama
Run time: 60 minutes approximately
Content note: The play deals directly and in depth with sexual assault and suicide. The characters swear frequently and reference parental abuse.

Cast size: 6 actors
Female roles: 6
Casting note:  All characters are written as women, but do not need to be played by women actors.
El - mid 20s
Nat - mid 30s-50s, visibly lesbian
Christine - mid 50s
Stella - teenager
Martha & Katie/Bar Patron - no recommended age