Dear Ray by Peter Paylor


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Dear Ray by Peter Paylor

Omer Grimes has been trying to see what’s under Nadine’s overalls since far too soon after her late husband, Ray, passed away. But Ray’s been gone for years now, and Omer does have a certain charm if you look hard enough. When Ray died, he left her with an antique store to run that she never once wanted any part of. So if Omer comes in handy, it’s really Ray’s fault. Besides, there’s more to life than just Omer. There’s Essie-Mae Beck who does Shiatzu massage and we all know what that means. There’s Len Morris and Chester and the ghost of Alvin Pugh. And there’s Old Jeeter Collins, the region’s most extensive and keen-eyed collector of exquisite fine china, with his prize-winning pig farm just north of Spruce Hills.

Audiences everywhere are going to fall in love with Nadine.

Actors everywhere are going to want to play her.

“Dear Ray” is a heart-warming, bittersweet comedy about loss, love, and Destiny – Old Jeeter Collins’s prize-winning sow.

Keywords: one-hander, one-woman show, one act, comedy, widowhood
Genre: Comedy

Acts: 1
Run time: 55 minutes

Cast size: 1 actor
Female roles: 1