Dear Dollface by Joanna Gosse


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Dear Dollface by Joanna Gosse

A two-hander dramedy about the nutty mistress, and the stoic wife of an alcoholic philanderer. Who is the bigger villain? The ‘other’ woman, the wife ‘enabler’, or the man who preys on the vulnerabilities of two women?

Keywords: monologues, two-hander, alcoholic, cheater, liar, vulnerable, mistress, actress, humorous, writer

Genre: Dramedy
Run time: 50 - 60 minutes
Content note: Contains frequent references to alcohol addiction, occasional swearing.

Produced at Vancouver Fringe Festival (1998), St. John's Fringe Festival (1999) and at the Resource Centre for the Arts, St. John's, (1997).

Cast size: 2 actors
Female roles: 2
Casting note: Wife, age 60-70. Mistress, age 30-45.