Dead Cat Bounce by Catherine Frid


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Dead Cat Bounce by Catherine Frid

Dead Cat Bounce follows Thomas, a stock trader who uses the “Dead Cat Bounce” strategy, betting against stocks and driving prices down. He’s forced to confront his values when he falls in love with Amara, a blues singer, and needs the help of her neighbourhood’s homeless man to win her over.

Keywords: homelessness, love, friendship, gentrification, stock market, comedy

Produced by Watercourse Theatre/Unhinged Festival of Site-Specific Theatre, Kitchener ON, 2008. Also produced at Toronto Fringe Festival, 2010 and Guelph Fringe Festival, 2016.

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 60 minutes
Content note: Contains swearing

Cast size: 3 actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 1
Casting note:  Thomas and Amara are late 20s - 40s, Mayor is 60+.
This play takes place in a urban city's downtown and representative casting is ideal.