Dark Ages Romance by Benj Gallander


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Asexual? Bisexual? Trysexual? Couple swapping is at the forefront of this new sexual satire which crosses racial and gender boundaries. A twisted '90's piece, moving towards the year 2100. Key words include: gross, socks, files, makeup, Blarthox and the origins of life.

Keywords: interracial, gay, homosexual, LGBT, evangelical, wife-swapping, bestiality, seduction, Pokemon, modern, romance, sex, comedy, creative, artsy, bisexual, nature, pregnancy, Amnesty, marriage, divorce, relationships, high school, virgin, baby, love
First Produced: 1994 at Cactus Pete's, Sudbury.
Running TIme: 70 minutes
Acts: 3
Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 3