Dads 2: The Toddlers' Revenge by Robert More


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Dads 2: The Toddlers' Revenge by Robert More

Music composed by Tom Doyle, orchestrations by Jacqueline Sadler.

“Dads! The Musical”, which tells the story of Charles, Kirk and Joey, three well-meaning but hilarious stay-at-home fathers, has played in more than 60 productions across the country. Now this intrepid trio is back in “Dads 2: The Toddlers’ Revenge”. It’s two years later. The new-born’s are now toddlers, and what a bunch they are! Played by a brilliant set of puppets, these rambunctious two year olds sing and dance, argue and throw temper tantrums, and while they’re at it, steal your heart!

Dads 2 is a theatrical entertainment bursting at the seams with sparkling comic scenes and a steady parade of great musical numbers: “Calm Before The Stork”; “Prom Queen”; “Will Power”; “Joey Rocks”, “Cabana Boy” and a kick-out soul finale called “Wild With Surprise”. Every song is fresh and original with the music ranging from doo-wop to tango to Mexican serenade, and from 60’s rock to sexy Caribbean. Even the toddlers (played by puppets) get into the act! Two year old Beth has a solo number entitled “Mommy and Daddy Were Wrestling” which is pure show-stopper; and in the middle of the act one finale, the Toddlers do a rap number and a break dance!

And as the men face those universal questions known to so many – “Is there sleep after birth?”; “Is there sex after marriage”? – they just keep on coping! Joey now has triplet girls as well as twin boys - 5 kids under the age of two! Meanwhile, Charles, a “designer dad” obsessed with being in control, meets his match in Tanya, his beautiful, super-intelligent toddler who’s always messy, sucks her thumb, wears red rubber boots, and is a master at taking will power to the limit. Then there’s Kirk whose two year old brings new meaning to the word “tantrum”; and in one of the most hilarious scenes in the play, demonstrates a keen liking for the swear words she has learned from her unsuspecting dad.

Fortunately, while the “dread chaos” does not end, the men do discover new resources within themselves; and by play’s end, do begin to live
again with a sense of joy, curiosity and surprise.

Welcome to Dads 2. Welcome to life, love, chaos and a mine field of explosive comedy!

First produced by Waterloo Stage, May 2006.

Also produced by 

Mayfield Dinner Theatre Edmonton (2003)

Roxy Theatre, Owen Sound (2009)

Keywords: Stay at home dads - Hilarious Parenting

Genre: Musical Comedy
Run time: 105 minutes
Acts: 2
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 4
Doubled roles: 4
Musician roles: 1
Suitable for students aged 16+
Maximum # of roles: 8
Minimum # of roles: 4
While DADS 2 is a theatrical tour de force, a musical comedy that moves at warp speed, it also offers many heart-felt still points and touching moments. And it stands alone as its own play-going experience. This is not a “repeat” of Dads! The Musical. It’s an extension, a development from the first play; and as such, it examines new territory which is every bit as fresh, insightful, and entertaining as the original.

There is also a strong viewpoint emerging in DADS 2. For all the comic antics, there is a sense of rejuvenation here. The men do undergo a transformation; and as the play progresses, they begin to find a new take on life itself, and this change is embodied by key words – “surprise”, “curiosity”. Appropriately enough, these philosophical underpinnings are all tied together in the final number entitled, “Wild With Surprise”. Yes, DADS 2 generates a lot of laughter, but it also can strike some deep chords, and has something to say about what it means to live fully and vibrantly.
Manipulated by the actors, who are fully visible, the puppets are brilliantly constructed, quite easy to use, and endlessly engaging and full of life. Two full sets are available for rent at very reasonable fees.
Score available with script purchase.
"Kudos to Robert More for his entertaining script and lyrics, and good direction. It’s perfect summer stock material for a fun night out with lots of laughs. Attendance should be mandatory for any father who has ever changed a diaper."
“A lot of the fun comes from the fact that all the children are played by life-sized puppets, manipulated onstage by the fathers and the lone woman who plays all three wives. I found it fascinating that each two year old had a definite personality that was maintained regardless of which actor was manipulating the puppet”
- Connie’s Page, Thousand Islands Playhouse
"Lots of laughs with Stay-at-Home Dads...even if you missed the first episode, come and see Dads 2: The Toddlers Revenge anyway – I’m sure you’ll catch on immediately, and it’s well worth it for the laughs."
- Entertain This Thought