Cyber:\womb by Vivienne Laxdal


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Cyber:\womb by Vivienne Laxdal

A contemporary, domestic speculative fiction drama in two-acts. Set in the last decade of the last century, Oneida desperately wants a baby. After her third and final failed attempt at invitro-fertilization, her husband leaves her for another woman he has impregnated. Driven by science-based speculations and novel pre-natal discoveries, Oneida sets out on a journey to conceive and self-regulate a cybernetic pregnancy within a dangerous new world order where only “perfect” babies are granted Liveability Licenses.
In 2007, Cyber:\womb was described in Canadian Theatre Review as “arguably the most original in its approach to its particular subject matter and arguably one of the most remarkable works in recent Canadian drama.”

Keywords:  Cyber womb invitro fertilization speculative pregnancy women

Genre: Drama
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Cast size: 6 actors