Cottage Radio & Other Plays by Taylor Marie Graham


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Cottage Radio & Other Plays by Taylor Marie Graham

Cottage Radio & Other Plays animates a wild cast of Southwestern Ontario characters – particularly its strong, hilarious rural women – with complex histories and relationships to the land.

The titlular Cottage Radio zeroes in on the sarcastic, charismatic Marley clan as they band together in the aftermath of a storm.

White Wedding is a large-cast comedy set at a wedding reception in an old high school, where friends and lovers sneak off to reconnect and swim in nostalgia. 

Post Alice weaves a true Huron County mystery into an evening of stories, song, and secrets as four women (reminiscent of four of Alice Munro’s protagonists) gather around a fire and begin to wonder what really happened to Mistie Murray, a teenager who disappeared in the mid-nineties.