Corpus by Darrah Teitel


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Corpus by Darrah Teitel

Megan is a brilliant genocide scholar, who obsessively collects the stories of war crimes through the internet. At the start of the play she meets Hienrich, an east German anarchist who is harboring a secret about his grandmother's dark history. Together they work to expose a love story set in the heart of a death camp. But when Megan's thesis is published, she learns that there are two sides to every history. Set simultaneously in Auschwitz and contemporary Toronto, Corpus bravely explores the dangerous territory of fictionalizing – and sensationalizing – the Holocaust.

Keywords: Holocaust, Auschwitz, Toronto, Gender, Berlin, Jewish

First produced by Teesri Duniya in Montreal, November 2014

Genre: Comic Drama
Run time: 95 minutes
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 3
Suitable for students aged 14+