Clink by Hannah Foulger


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Clink by Hannah Foulger

Paul stands alone at the altar as his closest family and friends file in.
Abbey, the maid of honor, arrives to tell him that Rachel, the bride isn't coming after all.
A few days earlier, Paul's friend Samantha Thiessen arrives from New York and is quickly asked to become the Best Woman.
Rachel, uncomfortable with Sam and Paul’s ambiguous closeness, asks Sam to quit as Best Women but Paul instead convinces Sam to have a mini bachelor party before the rehearsal. They arrive at the rehearsal completely plastered. Later, at the rehearsal dinner, with all of Paul and Rachel’s family and friends present, Rachel also gets drunk and suggests they all give toasts, which end in an impromptu kissing contest. Blindfolded, Paul mistakenly selects Sam as the winner. Rachel is devastated. He and Sam finally admit to having feelings for each other, at some point, in some capacity. Sam agrees to support him the way that he wants, as Best Woman, and nothing more.
Sam goes to Rachel and convinces her to stay, but Rachel and Abbey stipulate that Sam must leave in order for Rachel to go through with the wedding.
Sam, heartbroken, agrees to the terms.
However, on personal reflection, Rachel realizes that despite her agreement, she cannot go through with it.
On the morning of the wedding, Paul waits for his bride, but Abbey tells him that Rachel is not coming.
He mourns, he drinks, he emotionally collapses from the loss of both Rachel and Sam.
Weeks later, Rachel returns from the honeymoon that she took with Abbey to apologize. Sam returns home to find out what happened. She apologizes and shakes Paul out of his reverie. She and Paul reconcile and begin a relationship, without being sure of the ending, due to their contrasting life plans.

Keywords: Mennonite, comedy, love, friends to lovers, wedding

Produced by HER Productions, Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2015

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 60 minutes
Content notes: Contains swearing, references to alcohol

Cast size: 4 actors
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 3
Casting note: Abbey may be played by a trans/non-binary actor