City Voices - A Book of Monologues by Toronto Artists edited by Jenna Harris

Discord and Din Theatre

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City Voices is a book of monologues by Toronto writers that represents the diversity of voices that populate our dynamic city. Spurred by a need to create opportunities for artists to be heard, this collection celebrates the fierce passion and creativity of the Toronto arts community. City Voices offers a mixture of theatrical monologues, spoken word, poetry and prose that together reflect life in Toronto at this moment in its history. City Voices features the work of some of Toronto's most exciting and talented writers: Spy Dénommé-Welch, Rachel Ganz, Stacy Gardner, Jordan Hall, Jenna Harris, Kate Hewlett, Emily Hurson, Susan Ioannou, Marcia Johnson, Jean Kallmeyer, Jazz Kamal, Neale Kimmel, JP Larocque, Carol Libman, Jason Maghanoy, Melissa Major, Caroline Morrow, Jessica Moss, Colleen Osborn, Daniel Pagett, Anila Pant, Clara Pasieka, Ronit Rubinstein, Kat Sandler, Jordan Tannahill, Hope Thompson, Evan Vipond, and Chloë White horn.
Year Printed: 2012
Written With: Anila Pant and Ronit Rubinstein