Christmas in Rosewood by Peter Paylor


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Christmas in Rosewood by Peter Paylor

Doctor Shelia Shuman is one of the world’s leading experts on happiness, but she’s stuck in Rosewood. On Christmas Eve. At the Elk’s Hall. In a blizzard. With Earl. It’s the last place on earth she wants to be. She’s not very happy at all.

She’s not the only one who’s stuck in Rosewood. Dianne is stuck at the Gas Bar…about to give birth. That’s okay, though, she’s got Tim from the cattle farm to help her. He's done this before. When it comes to giving birth, Tim knows the ropes.

Christine is stuck at the Rosewood Model Railroad Club on a bad date with Brian.

Two sad Santas are stuck with each other.

Esther is stuck at the funeral parlour with Carl, her late ex-husband. Rose is stuck, too. Carl is also her late ex-husband.

It seems everyone is stuck where they don’t want to be until, suddenly, they all discover that they’re in the right place. In Rosewood. At Christmas.

Keywords: Christmas, Holiday, Seasonal, multiple roles

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 70 minutes

Cast size: 6 actors
Male roles: 4
Female roles: 2
Casting note: 13 characters for 6 actors plus additional recorded voices
""I laughed more at this play than I have ever laughed at any play I've read before. And I’m surprised to be saying that because I’m a tough audience. I laughed at the ‘urinal’ line and it just kept going from there. When I’m reading someone else’s play—a play I am critiquing—I make notes. If it’s a comedy I write down the funny lines so I can remember them. I filled three pages of my notebook with your lines.
’Some exceptions apply’. ‘Maybe you can change the sign’. That whole bit about food names that offend was brilliant. ’The blue one pairs best with the Teriyaki’. (Great line. Huge laugh.) ’Skippy’. 'Acetylene torch’. ‘Peggo’. ‘Get pee out of polyester.’ ’They’re disappointed already’. (Congratulations on that one.) The ice hut story was hilarious. The couple talking about the model railroad club. That whole scene was great. ’The romance of railroading.’ ‘Dinner at the casino.’ ‘Half a butterball.’ ’The toe of your stocking’. The funeral home scene was hilarious. The line I laughed at the most was ‘Did the story change?’ That is funny beyond words. Because it is one of those lines that you don’t see coming. The best. And then ‘I was asking the doctor.’ There are many other funny lines but I ran out of notebook. This play is a cross between Garrison Keillor and Andy of Mayberry.
Thank you for the laughs."
- Norm Foster