Chancy Carmichael by Michael L. Poirier


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Chancy Carmichael by Michael L. Poirier

Chancy Carmichael is an actress who has appeared in eight motion pictures, five times as the lead actor. Chancy was in Spain shooting a film when she received news that her little girl passed away from a particularly nasty influenza bug that was running rampant back home. She blamed herself for not being by her side when she passed and her career went downhill fast.

It's twenty years later; Chancy is now forty-five. One Sunday evening a young girl enters Chancy's life and the following five day's change the beleaguered actress's life forever.

Keywords: Alcoholic, Spiritual, Redemption
Genre: Drama
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes

Male roles: 2

Female roles: 2