Can Lightning Strike Twice? by Roxanne Thornton


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Can Lightning Strike Twice? by Roxanne Thornton

This comedy with a twist is a story about a journey down the path of hopeful retribution.

When our immoral golf pro friend Don “Juan” Defleur gets himself in a little deeper than he planned with both his current mistress and also his older female benefactor, all hell breaks loose in Howard’s small studio apartment in the heart of downtown Acton. Prior to the show, Don has been found in bed with Charlene his current mistress by his then girlfriend Molly. She chases him to Howard's apartment where Don is both shot and hit by lightning simultaneously as he climbs in the window, and unknown to him is changed into a woman. Howard chases Don under the bed prior to Molly breaking into the apartment. Howard does not give Don up and Charlene then arrives and a fight between Molly and Charlene begins. It is not until they find out that Don and Howard are writing a story about their trysts, that they team up to get Don and the script's flash drive.

Added to the fun are a lightning storm, a robbery at the elite golf course Glenn Acton and a landlady who is a little bizarre (who also plays her missing brother- Officer Doyle). The landlady calls the police a couple of times about gun shots and things are dismissed due to her "crazy" ideas. Don is thrown out and goes off with Molly's husband the "worthless Dick" and obtains the key to a safety deposit box that contains the stolen money from the Golf Course. He then tries to blackmail the girls into giving money for "tapes" that do not exist. The next time Molly and Charlene break in, Charlene shoots Don again as he gets struck by lightning going out the window. It turns out that Charlene was in on the robbery and has killed Dick. She is about to do the same to Molly and Howard when Don "Southern Belle" comes to the rescue. It turns out they discover that Officer Doyle is the long lost little brother of the landlady and he likes Don"na" . Howard and Molly becomes and item and everyone lives happily ever after (except Charlene who goes to jail.)

Keywords: farce, retribution, lightning, Acton, womanizer

First produced in 2012 at Caledon Townhall Players, Caledon, ON

Genre: Farce (Comedy)
Acts: 2
Run time: 100 minutes
Content note: Contains wrestling, intimacy training suggested.

Cast size: 5 actors
Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 3
Trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming roles: 1
Casting note: Age range of characters is 20 - 50 years old. Requires actors capable of quick and very physical movements