Call of the Wild by Vern Thiessen


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Call of the Wild by Vern Thiessen

Vern Thiessen's theatrical adaptation of Jack London's classic novel.

Buck is a dog who is kidnapped from his life in sunny California life and sold as a sled dog for the gold rush in the north. As Buck learns to survive in this new and brutal world, he is transformed from a spoiled pet into a legendary leader of a wolf pack. Told entirely from the dog's POV, this is a unique take on a classic tale.

Keywords: dogs, winter, theatrical, classic

Genre: Drama, Adaptation, Historical
Acts: 4
Run time: 120 minutes
Content note: Most of the characters in this play are dogs. How that is represented is entirely open to the director's discretion in consultation with the playwright.

Cast size: 14 actors
Casting note: Gender or race of the performers is immaterial to playing any character.