Burying Toni by Catherine Frid


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Burying Toni by Catherine Frid

The funeral of Toni Wolff, the long-time mistress of Emma Jung's husband Carl, is about to commence.

In the time it takes her clock to strike noon, three aspects of Emma -- her conscious mind, her masculine side and her Shadow side -- grapple with whether Emma should attend. At the same time, Emma feels stymied in her research about the quest for the Holy Grail.

Burying Toni explores the complexities within Emma Jung as she grapples with her history after 50 years of marriage. Emma conjures up her husband, Sigmund Freud, and others as she struggles to understand the truth about her past.

Produced by Alumnae Theatre, Toronto ON, November 2014

Keywords: psychoanalysis, Jungian, analysis, Emma Jung, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Antonia Wolff, Toni Wolff, Otto Gross, Holy Grail, quest, Percival, Switzerland, Zurich, Austria, Vienna

Genre: Drama
Acts: 1
Run time: 65 minutes
Cast size: 3 actors
Female roles: 3
Maximum number of roles: 7
Minimum number of roles: 3
Content Note: Contains swearing, references to suicide
"[Burying Toni is] thought provoking and it challenges and awakens its audience...From start to finish I found Burying Toni mesmerizing."
- George Perry, Mooney on Theatre