Burn by John Muggleton


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Burn by John Muggleton

Old friends Robert, Samira and David are the only three left of the original gang.
Robert’s wife, famed mystery novelist Tara Waters, disappeared five years ago, though Robert insists she’s still alive. Paul, also a writer, died the year before, shortly after reuniting with his estranged daughter Eve. Eve has asked to meet the three friends for the first time, stating that she has something important to deliver. Over the evening’s meeting, Eve becomes awkward, eerie, strange and sinister. As the evening unravels, the chaos erupts with hidden secrets revealed.

Nominated Best New Play of 2017 by the Capital Critic's Circle, Ottawa.

"Burn is an entertaining and often compelling puzzle and this production gives full value to the play’s cleverness and intricacy. We really want to find out who did what to whom.”
Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays/Vancouver Sun

"Muggleton ultimately takes the audience from comfort and intimacy to the edge of their seats in suspense in Burn.”
- Maja Stefanovska, Capital Critics Circle

Keywords: ghost, thriller, horror

Year Printed: 2017
First Produced: November 4, 2016
Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 2