Brackendale by Elaine Avila


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Brackendale by Elaine Avila

Ótima and Péssima are two bald eagles, hanging out and hunting at a garbage dump on the edge of Vancouver, where they have moved, because of climate change. They remember better days in Brackendale, known as the "eagle capital of the world." When a tourist bus arrives to see them, the eagles laugh about the strengths and weaknesses of human beings, including how humans banned DDT, and brought eagles back from extinction in the 1970s. , Ótima believes humans will get it together in time to lessen the impacts of climate change on animals, Péssima is not so sure.

Keywords: eagles, Vancouver, comedy

First produced by The Artist's Co-op, New York, New York, 2017
Genre: Comedy
Run time: 10 minutes
Male/Female roles: 2
Maximum/Minimum number of roles: 2
Suitable for students aged 10+