BOYS by Paul Dunn


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BOYS by Paul Dunn

ARMY SLUT BOY just wants real love. HAM and CHEESE BOY just wants to change the world. And TAMBOURINE BOY? Well... he's got rhythm. Lotsa rhythm. A one-man show about three BOYS (sorry... young men) and their lives, loves or lack thereof. Paul Dunn's tour-de-force solo show - which features the favourite "Tambourine Boy at Christian Summer Youth Camp" monologue - is a look at three 20-somethings in the late 90's, seeking to come of age. A critical hit and audience favourite of the Montreal Fringe, and Theatre Direct's 2000 Buncha' Young Artists... Festival.

Keywords: gay, solo, monologues

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 80 minutes
Male roles: 1
"BOYS is a slightly twisted, funny look at three young men who don't feel like men yet."
- Amy Barratt, Montreal Mirror

"Paul Dunn's solo play, BOYS... is a riotously funny and intricately woven story of three 22-year-olds facing a bleak future..."
- Gaėtan L. Charlebois, HOUR Magazine

"...the script is bursting with sympathetic humour, with just enough mordant implications to keep us feeling intellectually respectable"
- Robert Cushman, National Post