Boy Sees Flying Saucer by Mike Czuba


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Boy Sees Flying Saucer by Mike Czuba

Based on an original story by Brian Dorscht

Bobby Radcliffe is sure he has lost his brand-new bicycle. After his parents go out for the evening, he is left with his sister and instructions from his father to “make sure the bike is found and in the garage” before Bobby goes to bed. Frustrated that he can’t find his bike, he returns home and decides to tell a lie to his gullible sister; “A flying saucer came down and took my bike”. Half believing what he says, she asks him for details of how it happened – and a story starts to develop. The sister runs to the phone to tell her best friend what Bobby just told her. The best friend tells her father who is the town Sheriff and tells her he is coming over to the house. 

Bobby has to decide to either continue the lie, or confess the truth. Surely they would know this isn’t true. But, people in the neighbourhood and around the City get stirred up and excited to know that a UFO landed in their town. It hits the media the next day, and for the next week the location becomes a tourist attraction with Bobby telling his story. What he doesn’t suspect is the arrival of a “mystery man” who shows up with photo books full of pictures of Martians, and moon men, and the inside flying saucers, who just wants to get home.

Keywords: TYA, Family, Flying Saucers, Friendship, Young Audiences, Award Winning, Comedy

Genre: Comedy, Family, TYA

Run time: 80 minutes
Male roles: 8
Female roles: 8
Doubled roles: 9
Suitable for students aged 10+