The Blunt Widow by Linda McCready


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PGC stage-ready script

Ruth is an energetic seventy-year old widow with a dry sense of humour and liberal views. Following a difficult period of grief, she sets two goals to find happiness: to write a self-help book on relationships and to date a man who likes to have fun. But the way she goes about achieving her goals is a source of concern to her overprotective and very conservative daughter Brenda, who is still grieving the loss of her father, single and desperately looking for a mate because her clock is ticking.

The Blunt Widow: Finalist for 2008 Playwrights of Spring provincial (Ontario) playwriting contest Keywords: comedy, drama, romance, grief, elderly, aging, mother-daughter, mother, daughter, dating, love, search, hope, loss, relationships, family, hairdresser, dentist, teacher, loneliness

Genre: Dramatic Comedy
Running Time: 60 minutes
Acts: 1
Suitable for students 14+

Cast size: 4 actors
Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 2