Blue Madness by Hebert Poll Gutiérrez


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Blue Madness by Hebert Poll Gutiérrez

In a city in America, whose name I do not remember and sometimes regret to remember...A policeman stops a citizen. Both are offended, mistreating each other with such intensity that there is only one solution left. The play is a social denunciation. A way of saying that still in the 21st century, some people still discriminate because of the color of their skin. The play is a way of saying that the Cuban national poet Nicolás Guillen became a universal artist when he said: My homeland is so beautiful on the outside and so bitter on the inside.

Blue Madness is one of the plays included in the Digital Narrative project ¿Cuba que linda es Cuba? Confessions of a fearless Cuban. (Grantee of the ArtShare Program 2021, sponsored by Calgary Arts Development Authority).

Keywords: Cuba, Human Rights, Confessions, Fearless, Cuban

Genre: Drama, Dark Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 12 minutes
Content note: Includes adult language, recommended for audiences 17+ years old

Cast size: 3 actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 1
Musicians: 1