Blake: Innocence and Experience by Elliott Hayes

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Blake: Innocence and Experience by Elliott Hayes

Blake: Innocence and Experience written by the award-winning contemporary Canadian playwright Elliott Hayes is a one man autobiographical play about England's famous poet William Blake. The Script is comprised of Blake's visionary and witty mind, as told by Blake

The play takes Blake from his childhood when he was loved and encouraged by parents who realized he would never make it through regular school, to the young teenager who fell in love with language to the degree of teaching himself Greek, Hebrew and Latin. It continues on to tell of the great love of his life, Catherine, with whom he is married until
death. At one moment the play is sad and tragic, and then flips to humor.

Cleverly written each chapter of Blake's life is exposed whether it be beautiful or painful. Blake has been produced in Canada, the USA and Great Britain.

First played by Douglas Campbell at the Stratford Festival Third Stage (now Tom Patterson Theatre), June 18, 1983.

Run time: 60 minutes

Cast size: 1 actor
Male roles: 1