Bingo Ladies by Grant Tilly


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Bingo Ladies by Grant Tilly

Lucky charms, big dreams, and a troll named Thor. Its Friday night at the bingo hall and the gloves are off! Carol needs to pay off her debts.  Sandi’s hot for Lou, the rock n’ roll Bingo caller. And then there’s Irene, the cranky old know-it-all, oxygen tank in tow, who always wins. When Carol steals Irene’s lucky spot it sets off a course of events none of them could have predicted. A new musical about friendship, gambling and just how far we’ll go for the big win.

Keywords: Musical, Bingo, small, cast, older, women, ladies, winning, comedy, fun, smart, troll, hilarious, four, witty, songs, troll, doll,

Running Time: 90 minutes

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 3

Musicians: 1