Between Floors by Dyanna Jacklin


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Between Floors by Dyanna Jacklin

It is New Years Eve at the Whitestone Hotel and Conference Centre. Meredith and Dean are meeting on the 27th floor as they do every New Years Eve. Kyla and Louisa are hoping to get properly engaged before midnight- but not before Louisa comes out to her family. As they are all on their way to finish off the year with a bang, the power goes out in the building and the elevators are stuck between floors. All that's left to do is talk to the person you're trapped in the elevator with until the power returns- and those conversations take many twists and turns before the doors reopen.

Keywords: New Years Eve, elevator, lesbian, coming out story, queer, parents, gay pride, love

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 70 minutes

Cast size: 4 actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 2
Casting note: Kyla and Louisa are in their 20s. Meredith is in her 50s. Dean is in his 50s. If at all possible, Kyla and Louisa should be played by queer women.