Beside Myself by Jennifer Wynne Webber

Scirocco Drama

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BESIDE MYSELF is a moving look at life, love, and the mysteries of light. Hally is a young and mercurial theoretical physicist whose husband, Wade, has died suddenly. Reeling from her loss, Hally decides to move from the prairies to a small sailboat on the west coast but, on her very first night aboard the boat, Hally discovers Wade is still there with her — and in more ways than one. Ever the scientist, Hally tries to make sense of it all, probing her situation with intellectual vigour and wit. But, as Wade gently calls her back to her heart, he proves there really is more than one way to shed light on the mysteries of the universe.

“impassioned and intelligent”...“a compelling debut by a confident new voice in Canadian theatre.” – Raymond Storey

“an ambitious play...demonstrates courage and originality.” – Bruce Barton
Year Printed: 2001
First Produced: 2000 by Dancing Sky Theatre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Acts: 2