Bentboy by Herbie Barnes

Scirocco Drama

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Bentboy by Herbie Barnes

“Each pathway is created by the single steps of many who go before…” Deep in a forest, in another time, begins the story of a child called Bentboy. Hunched and hobbled by his curved back, Bentboy is cast aside by his village–until one day, when he is chosen by an elder to embark on a quest to save the village from grave danger. And so begins his epic adventure, and a tale both treacherous and tender. Along the way, Bentboy encounters an uninvited companion, and the two are plunged into a world that comes to life in perilous and astonishing ways. Each on their own path, it will become a journey that transforms them both.

Cast size: 3+ actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 1
Other roles: Several others who play various roles