Stag & Doe/Bed and Breakfast by Mark Crawford

Scirocco Drama

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Image Stag and Doe

Stag & Doe

Bonnie and Brad are throwing a party to pay for their upcoming wedding. Their Maid of Honour, Dee, is still getting over being left at the altar seven years ago. Mandy and Rob are getting married today, even though their big white tent blew away in last night’s storm. And Jay just found out his entire catering staff is in jail! It’s all happening at the same time, in the same community hall kitchen, in the same small town. Stag and Doe offers a laugh-filled look at a distinctly rural Canadian prenuptial tradition … and shines a light on the nature of love, marriage, and weddings.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast’s Brett and Drew want to move out of their tiny downtown condo and into a house, but they just lost their seventh bidding war in Toronto. When Brett unexpectedly inherits the historic family home, the couple moves out of the quick-paced city to set up a B & B in a quiet little tourist town. When they face friction in their new community, the boys discover the simple life is more complicated than they thought. With dozens of hilarious characters all portrayed by two men, Bed and Breakfast is a heartfelt comedy about “being out” in small town Canada, skeletons in the closet, and finding a place to call home.