Beaumont Hamel by Thomas J. Cahill & Dudley Cox


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Beaumont Hamel by Thomas J. Cahill & Dudley Cox

The first few pages are the equivalent of a prologue. A visit to a cemetery gives us names of soldiers killed in the battle of Beaumont Hamel. At the start of the play, we learn about the reaction of people in Newfoundland when they notice a German ship nearing the harbor. We then witness a meeting of the governor and some of his counselors as they decide whether Newfoundland will do its part in protecting the Mother country by supplying troops overseas. We learn about the recruits being examined, equipped , and trained before being sent overseas. As this goes on, we learn how the ladies and mothers of Newfoundland cope with the situation. We also get a glimpse throughout the play of the horrors of war that the men go through. The play ends with the men on the front line firing and dying on the battlefield.

The play was written by Tom Cahill and Dudley Cox and dated May 27, 1975.

Genre: Historical drama

Male roles: 25
Female roles: 8
Run time: 120 minutes
Suitable for students aged 16+