Battered by Arthur Holden


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Battered by Arthur Holden

After a quarrel leaves Bobby Lyons’s girlfriend Filo with a broken arm, Bobby is ordered by a judge to undergo intensive counselling with psychiatrist Eleanor Stoll. During their therapeutic sessions, Bobby is sullen and defensive in the face of Eleanor’s questioning. To make matters worse, despite being under a court order to stay away from Filo, Bobby can’t resist the impulse to visit her. 

Meanwhile, Eleanor and her new live-in boyfriend Frederick still have much to learn about each other, emotionally and intellectually. Their conversations tend to stray into dark psychological territory. 

A chance encounter changes everything. As stakes rise and tension mounts, Bobby and Eleanor are put to the test in their therapeutic relationship and in their respective intimacies with Filo and Frederick. A climactic confrontation provokes physical aggression from an unexpected quarter, leaving all four characters somewhat chastened. 

But only somewhat.

Framed by direct address and relying on minimal props and effects, Battered is a play about intimate violence, judgement and the unending complications of love.

Keywords: Relationships, psychotherapy, romantic comedy

Running Time: 95 minutes

Male Cast: 2

Female Cast: 2