BASH by T. Berto


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BASH relies on sexual ambiguity as the trope that pushes its narrative forward. Anil, a South Asian man attacked in a park famous for its gay cruising, and detective Veil, a white police officer investigating the incident. Not only is the sexuality of the two characters deliberately left as an open question, but the balance of power between the two is just as unpredictable. There's always someone who tries to take the upper hand. Beat for beat for beat throughout the play one of them is in a position of power and the other isn't. The suspense is carefully built, audiences are confronted with the ideas that inform the play -- from urgent social issues like racism, homophobia and police brutality to a more philosophical investigation into the very nature of the democratic rights of citizens.

Keywords: racism, homophobia, police brutality, homelessness, South Asian diaspora.

Year Printed: 2015

First produced in 2010 at St. Vladamir's Theatre, Toronto, ON.

Running TIme: 55 minutes
Acts: 1

Male Cast: 4
Total Cast: 4

Casting Notes: One South Asian male and three males of European descent required.