Ballard! The Musical by Don Macrae


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Ballard! The Musical by Don Macrae
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The Script includes the music score. The Music Bundle contains recorded versions of all 25 of the play’s songs and 6 sound effects.

Harold Ballard is back! The wild, cynical curmudgeon, blamed almost universally for the ruination of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has returned. He may have been the most hated man ever to disgrace Toronto's athletic scene, but he was also the most entertaining. And now, the most outrageous episodes in the life of this ruthless sports entrepreneur have been put to music. Here is the unmufflered, musical account of the life and times of the most eccentric, flamboyant and controversial figure the sporting world has ever known. Here is the unauthorized, discordant tell-all of the man who fought it out with his players, his family, sportswriters, broadcasters, the Soviets and anyone else he thought might want to lock horns with him. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll sing along as the stage is transformed into a circus of dissonance with the off-key spectacle that was Harold Ballard.

Keywords: Harold Ballard, Toronto Maple Leafs, hockey, Yolanda, King Clancy, musical, hilarious, bizarre, uproarious

Genre: Drama/Comedy, Musical
Acts: 2
Run time: 110 minutes

Cast size: 12 actors
Male roles: 8 
Female roles: 4
Casting note: A Chorus must be added to the cast. The number of actors and the gender of the actors is completely up to the director and the production team.