Baby on Board by Claude Montminy


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Baby on Board by Claude Montminy

All David can think about is becoming a father. The problem is that Christine, his career-centered girlfriend, is definitely not ready to be a mother. David is trying by all means to convince her when Allison, Christine’s sister, shows up with her new boyfriend Richard who is… twice her age. They have an offer David can’t refuse. Time is running out! How badly does he want a child?

Translated from French by Claude Montminy

Produced by Théâtre de l'Isle-aux-Coudres (2012),  Nouveau théâtre de l’Île d’Orléans (2013),  Théâtre La Marjolaine (2014), Théâtre du Chenal-du-Moine (2016)

Keywords: Baby, pregnancy, fatherhood. motherhood, comedy

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 2
"Baby on board sets the room on fire."
- Gilles Fiset, Le Charlevoisien

"The comedy is sustained, with no downtime. The funny and comical situations are numerous and although the subject could be delicate, it never falls into the naughty category. In short, two hours of pure pleasure for lovers of summer theatre. »
- Pierre Shaienks, Around the Island Newspaper

"Baby on board: Laughter galore."
- Jean-Manuel Téotonio, Québec Hebdo

"The four characters of Baby on Board are endearing and realistic, each punch is in its place, the jokes follow one another in surprising situations, but never totally unbelievable. ...] puns, zany comparisons and funny consequences follow one another at a good pace and laughter is very frequent. It's well worth a trip to the island one of these evenings. »
- Josianne Desloges, Le Soleil

"The text, written by Claude Montminy, offers its share of deliciously absurd lines while challenging the intelligence of the spectator with more subtle gags. In this play, the humour not only triggers a burst of laughter, it also makes us think [...] Baby On Board offers an avalanche of punchy lines that the actors must surf on.
- Julio Trépanier,

"Far from falling into the easy little story, which would have been so simple with a starting point like the desire to be a parent, the play comes out, with no downtime. [...] This comedy promises to make many people laugh. In fact, it doesn't stop for two minutes. Incisive discussions, topical jokes, uneasiness, twisted stories, everything goes on. »
- Andréanne Huot, L'Éclaireur Progrès