As the Wind Blows by Rosaleen Egan


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As the Wind Blows by Rosaleen Egan


This moving period piece is set in Collingwood, Ontario a year after the Great Lakes Storm of 1913. The losses and devastation force change on the lives of three women.
In this horrendous storm, twelve ships were totally lost with all hands, and almost thirty more were cast ashore or damaged in a major way. Over 265 sailors – men and women – lost their lives at a time when there were no pensions or workers’ compensation.
As the Wind Blows was endorsed by Paul Carroll and the Great Lakes Storm of 1913 Centenary Remembrance Core Planning Committee, Goderich ON. "This short play by Rosaleen is a simple presentation, easily staged and dramatized, offering two or three anecdotes as they actually occurred. The former shipbuilding town of Collingwood is the perfect setting."
The tragic case of mistaken identity is a reported event. 
In June, 2016, As the Wind Blows was part of the South Simcoe Theatre's Four Play: A showcase of play readings. 

Running Time: 20 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 3
Total Cast: 4
Casting Notes: male role for boy of about 11, young woman, two older women (40-60 years old)