As Loved Our Fathers by Thomas J. Cahill


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As Loved Our Fathers by Thomas J. Cahill

A Newfoundland outport family is split by the passionate political debate over Confederation with Canada.

Running time: 120 minutes

Cast: 7 actors
Female roles: 3
Male roles: 4
Suitable for school productions

In 1974 a professional production of the play opened the Arts and Culture Centre Summer Festival in St. John’s. A CBC television production broadcast of the play took place on March 31, 1975. This play won a special CBC ANIK in award in 1976 for its TV adaptation for “translating an historic Canadian event in believable human terms”. Said critics of its revival by Rising Tide Theatre at the LSPU Hall in 1983 “if there is a classic of Newfoundland theatre, this play is it”. The play was also produced By the Rising Tide Theatre in Trinity in 1998, The Stephenville Festival in 1999, and Theatre NL in Gros Morne in 2016.