As in a Morning Sunrise by Seymour Blicker


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70 year old Dad who has recently recovered from open heart surgery arranges for a family reunion at the Florida home of his daughter Lana and her husband, Norman. Other family members in attendance include Dad’s second wife of two years, Carol and Carol’s thirtyish daughter Beth who have flown in with Dad from their Philadelphia home.
Dad’s two sons, Don a renowned alto sax Jazz musician, and Dave an actor and novice film-maker have flown in from Toronto and New York respectively. Things begin to go wrong almost immediately when Don, a loose cannon at the best of times, insults Carol whom he considers a bad match for his father. Dave, an insightful, jocular type arrives shortly after the incident and his appearance seems to provoke Don into a further gaffe when he directs a highly offensive off-color remark at Beth whose reaction threatens to derail the reunion before it has barely gotten on track.
Dave characterizes Don’s hurtful comments directed at Carol and Beth as a form of hostility that he bears for Dad, because Dad has to deal with the unpleasant consequences.
Don, who has recently embraced Sufism, doesn’t take kindly to the observation and things continue to deteriorate and ultimately lead to a violent confrontation between the two brothers..

Keywords: family reunion
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 4
Female Cast: 3