Armchair Confidential by Aaron Jensen


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Armchair Confidential by Aaron Jensen

After discovering a pattern in the serial murders plaguing a quaint neighbouring town, Lucy - a brilliant, neurodivergent, queer accountant - enlists the reluctant help of her childhood bestie, Aldo, and his tag-along four-month-old. Through arguments and escapades, they learn that tackling their emotional baggage may be even harder than catching a killer.

Keywords: musical, comedy, satire, murder, mystery, true crime

Genre: Comedy, Satire, Murder Mystery, Musical
Run time: 100 minutes
Suitable for students 16+
Demos for all musical numbers are available upon request.

Cast size: 9 with doubling, 11+ without doubling
Male roles: 5 with doubling (6 without)
Female roles: 4 with doubling (5 without)
Musician roles: Band, 4+

"Bold, fun, and exciting. It feels like a capital “M” musical. Aaron’s spirit of adventure and playful storytelling are infectious and delightful. The subject matter is timely, the characters are relatable, and the songs stick with you. It feels like it would be right at home in a program normally occupied by a standard, time-tested musical."
- Stephen Drover, New Works & Professional Engagement - Arts Club Theatre Company