Arigato, Tokyo by Daniel MacIvor

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On a publicity tour in Japan, Carl, a Canadian author, finds himself falling in love amidst the sacred stages of Noh theatre and the seedy dance clubs in Tokyo, wired on cocaine and sake. Showing him around the city is his translator, Nushi, a young woman who's hoping to gain his affection. But when she introduces him to her brother, a seductive actor, Carl is quickly absorbed by an affair with him instead. As his tour continues, he straddles the fragmentary place between two cultures - one of individuality and directness, the other of tradition and formality - and uncovers the dualities that exist in life and love. Based on The Tale of Genji, one of the world's oldest pieces of literature. MacIvor's script takes us into the centre of a clandestine Japan as experienced by a visiting outsider.

Year Printed: 2013
Running TIme: 90 minutes
Acts: 1

Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 1