The Appointment of a Scapegoat by David Simmonds


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The Appointment of a Scapegoat by David Simmonds

 Immediately following the death of their parents in a tragic car accident, two sisters Julia (the elder) and Charity (adopted) are about to reunite, not having seen each for eight years. This reunion is submerged in memories of their childhood games. The inherent jockeying for being appreciated commonly attached to sibling rivalry, is magnified by Charity (a.k.a. Little Sister) being unloved by the parents who adopted her. Revisiting the competitiveness that fuelled their childhood, becomes the driving energy to once again, win the stakes of whichever game is played. We are introduced to encounters with various boy-friends, Charity attracted before leaving home. Julia, although on the surface, appears protective towards her Little Sister, bears a grudge. She welds a steely undercurrent that reveals a ruthless ambition to possess and control. There is also the question of her possible involvement in the fatal car accident of their parents. And the ensuing struggle for property and estate. Contributing to this dark tale are the ghosts of their ancient family roots, soaked in the Celtic calendar and rituals. The only possible solution to this jigsaw requires the appointment of a scapegoat.

Genre. Murderous Celtic drama. 97 pages.
Run time: 120 minutes
Acts: 2
Male cast: 2 (if doubled)
Female cast 2 (see note).

Playwright Note: Full cast would be 6 except possible casting of 2W */ 2M**. If played by the same two women, both as children and adults. The four male characters with smaller roles could also be doubled. If that is not feasible. Number of cast members will be adjusted accordingly.