The Appointment of a Scapegoat by David Simmonds


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Immediately following the death of their parents in a tragic car accident, two sisters Julia (the elder) and Charity (adopted) are reunited after 8 years. This reunion is submerged in memories of their childhood games. The inherent jockeying for being appreciated that is commonly attached to sibling rivalry is magnified by Charity (a.k.a. Little Sister) being adopted as a baby and seemingly unloved by the parents who adopted her. Surely there must be a good reason for that? The shadows of an old house and estate, in addition to ancient family roots, dating back to the Celts and their customs, play a role in this story.

Recalling their childhood, the competitiveness that fueled them becomes the driving energy to win whatever the stakes of whichever game is being played. We revisit encounters with various boyfriends Charity attracted. Julia, although on the surface appearing protective towards her Little Sister bears a grudge. There is a steely undercurrent in her behavior that reveals a ruthless ambition to control and possess those around her.

Now the parents are dead all of this plays out against the backdrop of the struggle for property and estate with the question of possible third party involvement in their accident. Significant contributors to the dark tones of the tale that unfolds are ghosts of their ancient family roots, religion and rituals. The only possible solution to this family jigsaw requires the appointment of a scapegoat.

Production Notes. Re Casting 2W / 2M

The two actors playing sisters when they are younger siblings and after they are reunited approx. 8 years later, could be played by the same actors. The four male characters with smaller roles could be doubled.

There are almost numerous childhood chants/ skipping rhymes in V.O. only as part of the play.

Keywords: Ancient customs, sibling rivalry, parents death, ritual sacrifice.

Year Printed: 2016

Running TIme: 90 minutes

Acts: 2

Male Cast: 4
Female Cast: 2

CASTING NOTE: The two sisters are approx. 6 years apart. Charity is by far the most attractive. The four lesser male roles can be doubled if necessary. MUSIC: There are several places voice chants (nursery rhymes) are suggested. These could be recorded and not require instrumentation + one old english folk ballad that could be sung acapella. All music used is in the public domain.