The Apology by Darrah Teitel


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The Apology by Darrah Teitel

Mary Wollstonecraft-Godwin and Percy Shelley eloped in 1815 and lived as polyamorous partners along with Mary’s step sister Claire and Percy’s poet friend Lord George Byron for several years while they were youths. Throughout these years, and in particular the summer of 1816 when Mary wrote Frankenstein, they engaged in philosophical, emotional and sexual intercourse. They also had babies with each other.
This raucous and radical play is set both then and now. It show the tragedy and comedy of mere teenagers struggling to define their sexuality by the ideology they believe in.

NB: The first Act of the play may also be produced within 70 mins with a cast of 4 characters

Genre: Comic Drama

Keywords: LGBTQ, History, Feminist, Feminism, Mary Shelley, Percy Shelly, Lord Byron, Teenagers, Sex, Sexuality

First Produced: February 2011, NextStage Festival

Running Time: 100 minutes

Acts: 2

Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 2

Suitable for students aged 14+