Anywhere by Michael Ross Albert


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Anywhere by Michael Ross Albert

A young businesswoman returns to her AirBnB to find that her host has been waiting up for her. What started as a cordial relationship between strangers begins to steadily escalate into a tense and unnerving battle for control.

In this new thriller, two women face off against each other in a struggle for meaning, connection, and power.

Produced at Factory Theatre Studio, July 2018

Best of Toronto Fringe Festival, 2018

Keywords: Thriller, Suspense, Women
Genre: Drama
Run time: 60 minutes
Acts: 1
Female roles: 2
"You might think twice about booking your next AirBnB room after watching Michael Ross Albert's thrilling two-hander."
-NOW Magazine

"Without a doubt, a must-see of the Fringe."
-My Entertainment World

"A poignant, thrilling experience that left me rattled."
-Mooney on Theatre

"A shining example of the art of dramatic escalation... elevated by the fact that it relies and comments on larger ideas about class and the realities of our socio-economic system to work."

"Michael Ross Albert knows how to reel you in slowly, then hook you. He is a rare writer that can state his themes directly and still give you more to think about in the subtext."
-Ontario Arts Review

"A complex power struggle... gripping, darkly funny... Part mystery, part psychodrama, part class struggle, Anywhere starts at a slow boil; then the heat gets turned up as suspicions, confessions and demands explode."
-Life with More Cowbell

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