Antigone adapted by Henry Beissel


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Antigone adapted by Henry Beissel

This is the classic tragedy by Sophocles, translated and adapted by Henry Beissel.

The focus is on the moral dilemma of Antigone, torn between her duty to Creon, the ruler of Thebes, and her duty to her brother Polyneices. He tried to wrest the kingship from their brother Eteocles by military force; in the battle both brothers were killed. Creon decreed that Polyneices, because he used force to obtain the kingship, be deprived of the usual burial rites and be left in the desert to be ravaged by wild animal. Antigone protests this cruel punishment and buries her brother with all the sacred rites. Creon at first decides to punish Antigone by sentencing her to death. He is persuaded by Tiresias to revoke the cruel sentence. But it is too late: Antigone and her prospective husband Haemon (Creon’s son) have already committed suicide. Thus tragedy ensues from pride where love should’ve prevailed.

Produced by Third Wall Theatre, Ottawa ON, 2012

Keywords: Greek tragedy
Acts: Prologue & 12 scenes
Run time: 75 - 90 minutes
Female cast: 3
Male cast: 7
Optional cast: 1 
Doubled roles: 3
Suitable for school productions