Anomie by Wren Brian


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Anomie by Wren Brian

“anomie (noun) – the lack of the usual social or ethical standards in an individual or group.”

When everything is taken away, what’s left?

Two people struggle against each other and the empty space they’re trapped in to find a way out. Not knowing how or why they ended up in an “abyss”, the two search for meaning and understanding in their existence and in their relationship. Riffing on absurdism and existentialism (and not without a dash of humour), this play explores how we deny and deal with meaninglessness.

Winner of the 2017 Harry S. Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoba Play at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and companion piece to Animosity.

Produced by Downside Up Productions, Winnipeg, 2017. Directed by Eric Rae 

Keywords: Fringe, absurdism, existential, meaning, meaningless, no set, festival

Genre: Drama
Run time: 50 minutes
Acts: 1
Cast size: 2
Suitable for students 16+