Animal Farm by Peter Anderson


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Animal Farm by Peter Anderson

Written with Nick Hutchinson.
Cover Art by Molly March.

An adaptation of George Orwell’s timeless novel about the betrayal of a revolution and the corrupting influence of power, originally performed outdoors, promenade-style, with a large cast of professionals and community members. First produced in 1985, Animal Farm was the inaugural play of the renowned Caravan Farm Theatre.

Produced by Caravan Farm Theatre, Armstrong BC, 1985

Keywords: Orwell, farms, revolution, politics, Russia, Stalin, pigs, horses, cows, goats, animals, masks

Genre: Musical, Adaptation
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Suitable for students 16+

Cast size: 27 actors
Musician roles: 4
Casting note:  There are 42 roles, 16 of which were doubled in the premiere production. More doubling easily possible. Most roles are animals. Any gender can play any gender. Band can be 4 or more musicians. Musical score available upon request.