Ana's Shadow by Tara Goldstein


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Ana’s Shadow, the sequel to Harriet’s House continues the story of Harriet, and her three daughters: Luisa and Ana, and Clare. Luisa is back in Toronto and planning to study medicine. Ana is an emerging singer songwriter. Clare is in high school and excited about her upcoming trip to Colombia with Luisa to start building the health clinic the family has raised money for. However, the breast cancer that Harriet was diagnosed with three years ago is back, and Ana’s reaction is pure panic. To her family’s dismay, she drops out of university to take care of Harriet. Ana’s world becomes smaller and increasingly wrapped up with Harriet’s care until an opportunity to compete in Canadian Idol falls her way. When Ana is cut from the competition, Luisa starts pressuring her to go to Colombia for the summer to reconnect with their birth family. However, Ana refuses to anywhere until Harriet is finished chemotherapy and is angry that Luisa is leaving when she is needed at home. She asks Luisa and Clare to postpone the trip. While Clare reluctantly agrees to stay home, Luisa refuses, and the two sisters stop talking. When the chemotherapy stops working, however, Harriet needs to find a way to help Luisa and Ana reconcile. Quickly. Ana's Shadow features three original songs performed by Ana and composed by British singer songwriters Chantelle Pike and Hannah Dean from Eyes for Gertrude: “Absent Impact” and “Chanting”. To listen to Chantelle and Hannah's music visit:

Keywords: transnational adoption, queer family, cancer
Year Printed: 2012
Running Time: 70 minutes
Acts: 2
Female Cast: 6