An Atlas, A Necktie & Other Concerns by Lauren Greenwood


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An Atlas, A Necktie & Other Concerns by Lauren Greenwood

Four lifelong 30-something friends, each with very different takes on how to lead the best life, are locked in a strange escape room. There’s the sensible nine-to-fiver, the nonstop partier, the ambitious artiste and the peacekeeper with a potentially life-changing secret. Despite their one-of-a-kind love for one another, they can't seem to stop holding each other back. But if they can just 4-7-8 and put their longstanding beefs aside to solve the riddles, they might just break free.

Keywords: all-female cast, escape room, medical researcher, nine-to-five, party, bartender, photographer, artist, mother, motherhood, riddles, coming-of-age, dramedy, drama, comedy, fast-paced, witty dialogue

Produced as part of the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival at Tarragon Theatre (Winner of Best of Fringe North (519))
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Run time: 53 minutes
Female cast: 4
"Lauren Greenwood's drama features punchy dialogue and strong emotional beats"
"The tightly-paced and engaging An Atlas, A Necktie & Other Concerns makes you think about the life choices we make and sometimes regret."
- NOW Magazine, Critic's Pick, NNNN
"An Atlas, A Necktie & Other Concerns [...] blends surrealism and puzzles in a very interesting examination of friendship and growing up."
"[...] There’s a real tangible soul within the show and the entire cast really captures that, with each character feeling well-rounded both in writing and performance."
"An Atlas, A Necktie & Other Concerns is a well constructed and enjoyable experience with enough mystery to keep you guessing right up until the end."
"A delightful play with as many twists and turns as an escape room game—Greenwood’s writing and her cast shine.” 
- Deborah Smith, Artistic Director, Scripted Toronto