Allure by David Belke


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Based on the early life of Hollywood legend Hedy Lamarr. In London a former star of the Austrian stage and screen suddenly confronts legendary movie producer Louie B. Mayer demanding a Hollywood contract. Although rebuffed, Hedy Mandl is determined to win a role in America. For her, it is nothing less than a matter of life and death. Allure dramatizes Hedy’s early career from her early triumphs to her fateful marriage to millionaire tycoon Fritz Mandl and its dangerous consequences. One woman’s true tale of glamour, romance, deceit, tragedy and escape.

Year Printed: 2016
First Produced: August 2015 by ACME Theatre Co in Edmonton, AB
Running TIme: 75 minutes
Acts: 1

Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 1